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Today I'm taking a day off. And by a day off, I mean that I'm doing other people's taxes, catching up on my volunteer web design project...and going through the Dreaded Inbox(TM)**. Yes, every 2-3 months (sometimes more), I go through my mail from mailing lists, dating sites, social networking sites, and similar things that seem to involve people connecting in ways that don't involve face-to-face interaction or the telephone.

Now, I admit that I've always been a member of the stone age -- not in chronological age, mind you, but certainly gadget age. My first experience with an answering machine wasn't until 1996, my first computer wasn't until 1998, and my first cell phone wasn't until 2001. I've got a Facebook profile, but only so people will stop bugging me about getting a Facebook profile. I still can't wrap my mind around newfangled things like email and chat as legitimate communication mediums that people *expect you to use*.

Yes, I know this sounds funny from someone who is a die-hard Linux fan and who writes software for a living. But what I'm profoundly baffled by is...how do people do it?

The reason why I have to go through my inbox every 2-3 months is because I don't have time to log onto Facebook and MySpace and Twitter and LiveJournal and all those other sites on a regular basis. I mean, Google just added it's new Buzz -- which I think is cool, because it's integrated with your email, but still! I almost had an epileptic fit thinking about one more thing that people might expect me to actually keep up with...

Where do people honestly find the time to network online? I mean, I could write it off as people not having lives, but I know people -- like Matt -- who do a lot of things, and still find time to chat and blog and check their dating site profiles regularly. Do I just have a black hole that sucks all the time I might be spending in virtual space?


** So what does not taking a day off entail, you wonder? Housework, job work, homework, or volunteer work that doesn't involve sitting behind a keyboard and watching the 1's and 0's dance to my every whim. Bwahahaha...oh, wait...

Yeah, I'm not doing that stuff today. ;P
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