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Jul. 16th, 2010 08:56 pm
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I've had more computer problems in the last week in relation to my server than I can count. This last 18 hours have been spent dealing with DNS woes -- I don't currently host my own DNS, but I hope to after my DNS provider went down last night and still isn't back up. :S This is particularly irksome because I'm on a very tight deadline with one of the development projects I'm working on...

But that's not what I'm here to blag about. I'm here to blag about a very geeky moment of *whoa* that has been a great moment of stress relief. I do most of my work on my server remotely -- I sit in bed or in a comfy chair or 2000 miles away, and I use my laptop terminal to connect to my server.

So today I was testing some server settings, and I was logged into my server from my laptop. Then from the server's login I logged back in remotely to my laptop (so it was a laptop->server->laptop connection). Then I forgot which terminal was for just my laptop, and instead used the laptop-server-laptop connection to log back into my server -- I now had a laptop-server-laptop-server connection.

In a moment of Keanu-Reaves-whoa, I realized that it could (in theory) go on forever until I ran out of RAM or did something else to bork one of the computers. It was like standing between two digital mirrors going out into infinity.

Okay, not that exciting for most people, but I've had a long day. :D


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