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Sorry I didn't get back to updating my journal to let people know what was going on. Things got a bit messy and I didn't get back online right away. The long and short of it is that as soon as the highways opened again (on Friday), my parents drove eight hours to pick me up before the next bout of snow was supposed to hit on Saturday. It was a good thing they did -- otherwise I would still be stuck in the airport waiting for the next available flight on Monday or Tuesday. Needless to say, I'm now at my parents' place for the holidays, enjoying hot showers and a real bed. **sigh of relief**
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I'm so bummed! I don't get to help celebrate the "orgasm for world peace" that I was promoting on December 11 (by the way, it seems I mis-typed due to incorrect information. Today, not tomorrow is the winter solstice). Okay, everyone, this means that you all have to have an extra orgasm for me today to make up for what I'm missing -- I don't care if you have to masturbate. Now get to it!

Updates for Today (4:00 am):
Correction from yesterday -- this is not a "near blizzard". This is an actual blizzard. Yes, I am *participating* in a national disaster. (Whoohoo! My first!)

It appears that the "stranded" count for DIA is about 3,000 according to CNN's report. The article says that cots are being provided, but except for the elderly and people with documented medical needs, this is strictly a BYOB affair (bring your own bedding, not beer -- although the airport bars are more than willing to charge you $7.00 to provide you with a Miller Lite).

I won't be leaving today after all. The airport is supposed to be closed until later tonight -- ruling out any my one chance of leaving -- and since I can't try to rebook until tomorrow I may not get a flight until after Christmas. I'm almost wondering if it might be easier to tell my family "sorry" and try to rebook back to Michigan as soon as possible...

And for those of you who thought I was a softie, it seems that I'm now freezing into a person-cicle. I'm wearing a sweater and my bathrobe, and I'm still a bit chilly. I see people walking around in their winter coats, and I woke up with my teeth chattering (but then again, I'm parked near one of the major air vents, which is currently blowing cold air for goodness knows what reason). At least it's not as cold as outside.

Wish me luck, and if anyone wants to chat with me, I'll probably be on IM sometime during the day.

[Update]: CNN has upped its DIA stranded count to 4,700.


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