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I hope this will be the first (and only) friends-only post I ever have to do, especially for something that should be as public as a book review. But since I haven't heard back that the author has forgiven me (or at least heard my apology), I don't particularly want a repeat of last time.

[Update: this review has been moved to public, because I think that's where book reviews ought to be. I haven't heard back from the author, so I'm hopeful it's been long enough that he isn't interested in my opinion any longer, which is why I'm choosing to make it public at this time. (12-24-07)]

So without further ado...

Book #25: Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher
Dresden Continues )

On a final note, I think I'll dub this installment of the Dresden Files the "interesting words novel". Page 78 gave me the word "gobbet", which connotationally speaking can imply chunks of flesh, but was well-used in referring to rust on an unsavory-looking building. The other one (and I kid you not) is "lickspittles", as in "You think the world wouldn't be better off without people like Marcone and his lickspittles?"

Yeah. "Lickspittles". I wonder when I can find an excuse to use that new gem in my vocabulary? ;)
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Parents coming to visit can be so disruptive. And tiring. I think it's taken me a week to recover, and I'm still feeling the after-compulsion to make sure everything is obsessively-compulsively neat. I find myself bending over to pick up a speck of lint that has fallen onto the carpet.

Unfortunately, my reading has fallen dangerously behind, and the summer is waning very quickly. My calendar says that this is the the 33rd week of the year, so I foresee that I will not be making the 50 book goal...but one can always hang on and hope and pray for the winter holidays to make a last-minute comeback.

Book #24: Storm Front, by Jim Butcher
A Dresden Files Novel: For the Anita Blake Fans... )

And now for a book I'm not going to review, because I couldn't finish reading it (but I'll let someone else review it for me):

The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death

Let me just say that if you're of any scientific inclination, this book will make you scream. The man who carried out this investigation is an accredited scientist, not your average lay-person, so I have much higher standards for the reading. All I can say is his experiments are improperly controlled, the data is subjectively scored, and the assumptions he makes are atrocious. Even if life after death exists, he's doing the wrong experiments to find evidence for it.



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