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I have a tendency to have my phone die on me because I forgot to charge it properly. So I set up a bi-weekly reminder on my Google calendar to notify me by email when I need to do the task.

Google calender generally tries to be helpful: when I enter certain phrases like 7p-8p it automatically converts that to a 7:00pm-8:00pm timeslot on my calendar, and it tries to auto-detect the location when I use certain prepositions like "at" (e.g., "Gaming at Joe's house" or "Breakfast at Cthulhu's"). Today I noticed a rather amusing biproduct of this helpfulness. Here's my calendar entry:

Plug in phone
WhenFri Oct 29 8am – 8:30am Eastern Time
Wherephone (map)

It makes me feel like I'm a mob boss with someone I apparently need to handle appropriately this morning. :D
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Recently I had the opportunity [nay, the *necessity*] to install new operating systems on my laptop and server. This has given me a chance to try new operating systems, new server schemes, new desktop applications...or revisit some old ones. Here are my reviews for Ubuntu Server (Karmic), Linux Mint (Helena), and Google Chrome for Linux:

Ubuntu Server: Kindergarten Dropout )

The Fresh Taste of Mint )

Kudos for Chrome, But Still Not There )
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Google is really cool, but...

They keep coming out with these interesting things -- nifty web browsers and desktop applications. Matt Arnold usually sells them with his normal enthusiastic demeanour, often emailing them to me at my request when I become equally as intrigued.

The problem is, I never get to enjoy the Google bleeding edge. Heck, I never get to enjoy the production release. This is because I use Linux.

I was thrilled when Matt told me Google Desktop had *finally* been released for Linux. And about a month ago I was ecstatic when he told me Chrome had also been released, because while I've been lukewarm after trying the Windows version of Google Desktop, I really liked Chrome. Sure, the Beta was a year and a half after Windows users got a public release, but I'm used to that.

But sadly today I've been disappointed once again. A few of the features in Chrome that I was really looking forward to -- especially the ability to synchronise browsers so I don't have to leave all my bookmarks and settings behind when I switch operating systems -- is completely absent from Linux. All in all, Chrome for Linux just can't compete with the features I have in Firefox, both natively and with plugins.

Now, I know that us Penguin-heads are a small bunch. I know we are by no means representative of Google's market audience. But please, Google, there are a lot of geeks out there who really like your stuff and *want* you to be the big innovative paradise that we worship and adore, our one-stop shop for Internet and even desktop application bliss. And I kind of want to be one of those people...except I can't.

Mozilla is really good with getting its software up to date for non-Windows platforms -- and not just the browser, but its email and calendar client. And Bespin is downright cool. Even Opera has done a better job than Chrome has and getting its browser to the alternative operating systems. I do appreciate that Google at least packaged the browser as a .deb file and that I didn't have to compile from source, but still...

Sorry, Google. I'll try you again in a couple of years. It would be nice if in that time period you could cut the gap between your Windows and your Linux releases to, say, 6-9 months -- please don't disappoint your Penguin fans.

And don't worry, Google Chrome. I still think you're cool...for a Windows application. ;P
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I recently had the chance to visit the webpage of The Church of Google, and I have to say that it's a wonderful laugh.

Google is a wonderful company. It promises to be spam and pop-up free, and upfront with the user in all software related matters. And it's got some great programs available. It's hard to beat the free e-mail, and I love Google Maps and the ability to measure my jogging/walking routes. I wasn't too thrilled with Google Pages, but then again I like much more "hack" control, as one friend pointed out to me the other day. But I hear Google Codes is great.

But Google is really beginning to scare me. Let's take over the world, Pinky )


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