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I finally got around to getting my film from my trip developed, and unfortunately most of my film didn't turn out very well. I chalk this up to a combination of a poor manual camera with no zoom lens and a bad photo developing job -- more the latter than the former, since many of my pictures included spots and half-photo streaks that you get when the film is exposed to light as it's being developed. Grrr.

The remaining pictures were boring at best. Lots of shots of beautiful skies and clouds and mountains with colors that somehow got completely washed out of every single picture I took and now look exceptionally drab.

So the results I have to share? Signs! Yes, Maine had its wonderful share of signs, many of which I wasn't able to get a picture of because someone **ahem** wouldn't let me pull over.

I don't know why Maine had such a profusion of interesting signs, whereas I hardly see any of interest near here (except at one quirky church that I pass by on my way home). Here's just a small sampling of the ones that came out:

Bozo's Way

Well, we know who lives on this street...

Hippies go that way

Ooh...good thing I didn't wear hemp and beads. I would have had to notify the ACLU over the segregation of members of society via entranceways. Then I would have had to call PETA to liberate the poor crustacean.

What you have to do is....

The sign in the picture is really hard to read, but the top part says something like, "You can only lean on this car if you are NUDE!" (on a classic 1939 Ford pickup that I was drooling over). What the owner doesn't tell you is that if you can find a girl cute enough, he might bend the rules...nah, if they're cute enough he'd make sure it was enforced.

My apologies to people (Matt and Neil specifically) for dropping off the face of the earth for a while. I've been going through some tough times lately, and haven't felt very inclined to be social. I'll catch up with you guys soon.
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Weehee! I'm in a good, happy mood right now, as I'm currently getting ready for a trip to Maine. I've never been to Maine before (I probably won't try the lobster, though). I'll be gone for a week, so you probably won't hear from me for a little longer than that (sighs of relief from Mike, who has to deal with my rants whenever I journal).

And now on to a little ranting business:

In my last rant, I criticized Dr. Schwartz, author of The G.O.D. Experiments for claiming that the "veritable mountains of data that seem to be consistent with the existence of randomness in the evolution of the universe" did not exist. While the premise on which he based his assumption is still false (pi is not a random number), there is evidence that some scientific data previously considered random are, in fact, not. Embrace the Chaos )

By the way, I highly recommend James Gleick's Chaos: The Making of a New Science


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