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Book #15: Spychips, by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre

Spychips is a well-researched exposé on the emergence of RFID technology (a.k.a., Radio Frequency Identification). RFID tags are microchips coupled with a radio transmitter. These tiny devices can store, transmit, and record information, which makes them very useful in automatic tollway passes, identification badges, no-swipe credit cards, and the new U.S. passports. According to Spychips, many corporations (e.g., WalMart, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson) are trying to get RFID tags embedded in everything you buy -- not only to keep track of products, but also to keep track of you.

While Spychips does seem a bit sensational at first read, I was a bit disturbed to find most of what it reported echoed in more reputable sources (unfortunately I couldn't confirm RFID Journal entries, because I didn't want to pay the subscription fee). If you're someone like me who values your privacy, you might want to do some research on RFID, or if you're lazy just read the book.

Book #16: Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality, by Donald Miller
An Excellent Book )

Book #17: Public Speaking Handbook, by Steven A. Beebe and Susan J. Beebe

This was a textbook that I read cover-to-cover for the sake of class. It has one detail of note: I'm pretty sure I know the authors' political affiliation. I'll let you guess based on just two of the many clues:

1) They brought up the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton.
2) They used George W. Bush several times as an example of good speaking skills.

Book #18: The Dragon's Dagger, by R.A. Salvatore

This is Book 2 of the Spearwielder's Tale trilogy. I hate fantasy authors who make overt real-world political statements, even if I agree with them. Nevertheless, the story is much less formulaic than the first one.

Book #19: Dragonslayer's Return, by R.A. Salvatore

Book 3 in the Spearwielder's Tale trilogy. It ranks as about average for fantasy work, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


Jun. 7th, 2007 05:03 pm
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Well, it seems that summer must be here, because the evil ice cream truck has returned. I'm not kidding you, this thing sounds like something out of a horror film. Every time it passes through my neighborhood it plays this campy carnival-style rendition of "If You're Happy and You Know It", complete with bizarre sound effects ("*Boooing* Hello! *Children's giggles*"). I'm surprised we haven't had reports of missing children or mutilated corpses...

I've been busy over the past couple of weeks trying to catch up on reading. I'm almost half-way through the year, and I still haven't gotten to the 25-book mark yet. Still, I polished off four books in the past two weeks, which will certainly help towards my book count (I'm only going to review 2 books today).

Book #10: The Woods Out Back, by R.A. Salvatore
Finally, Something Without Drizzt )

Book #11: Shadow Family, by Miyuki Miyabe, translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter
A Japanese Murder Mystery )


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