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Some people pray. Some people protest. Some people devote hours of their life to non-profit organizations, all in the name of achieving that elusive goal of world peace.

But what if you're not cut out to pray to a god you don't believe in? Are you afraid that the FBI will put your picture in file for being "anti-government"? Or perhaps the latest fashions of hemp and beads just don't suit you. Don't worry, there's a better way!

This December 22nd, we're going to change the world with orgasms! That's right. On the winter solstice of this year, GlobalOrgasm.org wants us all to have some great sex and send thoughts of world peace out onto the globe. The idea is that mass consciousness, combined with the strong emotions that come with sex, might just influence the way the world works.

Lest you think this is another rendition of bonobo paradise, you will actually be doing a great service to science as well. The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University is geared towards measuring the amount of "randomness" on the Earth, and the results have shown that human consciousness can be measured to have a global effect on matter and energy during widely-watched events such as 9/11 and the Indian Ocean tsunami. If the GlobalOrgasm.org project succeeds, it will be measured by the Random Event Generators (REGs) set up by Princeton University.

I'm always one to support science, and a possible bonus of world peace (however nebulous that concept may be) means that I'll definitely be in the buff come the solstice. So all you adults out there of consensual age, get bumping and grinding on December 22. And let me know if anyone plans any orgy parties (for the sake of science, of course). ;)


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